Changes in the way housing benefit payments have been administered over the last decade have historically caused difficulties for tenants, landlords and governments.


With more than a quarter of a million people currently homeless in the UK, a rise of more than a third since 2010, and the rough sleeping figure predicted by homelessness charity Crisis set to rise by 76% in the next decade without workable solutions, it has never been clearer that more needs to be done to protect vulnerable tenants and support local governments and landlords.

Global 365’s Rent Payments Management System (RPMS) has been designed to create effective, long lasting solutions to the administrative, budgeting and non-payment issues currently facing the rental accommodation system, including:

Ensuring that citizen’s benefit payments reach the landlord in a timely way - Creating a reliable record of rent payments that citizens can use as a reference when applying to a new landlord or obtaining a mortgage - Making it possible for landlords to receive rent payments on time from tenants who wish to pay using various payment methods including cash

What our Rent Payments Management System (RPMS) does:
Ring fences benefits payments for rent, empowering low income tenants to budget • Provides an independent record of rent payments made to protect both landlords and tenants • Enables both landlords and tenants to choose to receive cash payments or initiate the collection of payments from tenants’ bank and building society accounts • Reduces both administrative costs and the likelihood of error, automating full auditing and reporting for funds providers • Creates enhanced security of tenure and peace of mind for tenants • Provides improved security and cash flow for landlords • Helps low income tenants and families to access accommodation without prejudice

Benefits to citizens:

  • Ensures security of tenure
  • Reduces administration costs for funds providers
  • Reduces the likelihood of homelessness by helping tenants manage payments
  • Helps low income and vulnerable tenants to budget in a non-obtrusive way
  • Enables personal choice of landlord without administrative issues
  • Protects vulnerable people from fraud
  • Creates a clear, accurate record of payments

Benefits to funds providers

  • Ensures funds are used for the purpose for which they have been given
  • Reduces administration costs for funds providers
  • Reduces cost to Local Authorities of rehousing due to evictions for non-payment
  • Provides an audit trail
  • Immediate recovery of unspent funds when required
  • Facilitates immediate emergency payments

Benefits to landlords

  • Ensures rent is received on time, improving cash flow and peace of mind
  • Reduces bad debts
  • Reduces administration costs associated with chasing rent arrears
  • Provides full audit trail
  • Reduces the perceived risk to landlords of renting to low income tenants in need, creating a fairer rental market for all

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