GLOBAL-365 is committed to using innovative technology to help people save energy. Smart meters form an integral part of the UK Government’s Carbon Reduction Policy and its aim to achieve net-zero status by 2050. The Energy Saving Trust highlights that smart meters encourage people to save energy by making them more conscious of their energy consumption, thereby encouraging them to reduce it. GLOBAL-365’s multiple payment channels facilitate a range of easy and convenient top-up methods, encouraging customers to accept smart meters.

  • Smart Meters
Smart meters come with a convenient and easy-to-read In-Home Display which communicates energy use and its associated costs to customers. Allowing customers to closely track usage and cost in this way allows them to budget around their energy usage and reduce it accordingly meaning customers can save themselves money whilst reducing their carbon footprint.

Smart meters allow energy suppliers to match supply more accurately with demand and integrate more renewable energy sources such as wind and solar into the energy supply system. These forms of energy supply generate less pollution and lower carbon emissions.

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