Direct Payments (also known as “personal budgets”) offer citizens greater choice and freedom in accessing the services they need to support their health and wellbeing, but have historically created major administrative challenges for NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups and Local Authority Social Services Directorates.


Offering citizens the right to choose direct payments is now compulsory in most cases but budgetary restrictions mean new, less labour intensive ways must be found to manage these budgets.

In collaboration with the STFC Hartree Centre, GLOBAL-365 has created a pioneering system for managing Direct Payments that reduces staff administration time and costs while providing a 100% audit trail of all expenditure. Meanwhile, citizens benefit from the safeguarding elements of the system and taxpayers receive better value for money.

Direct Payments Management System (DPMS) uses GLOBAL-365’s patented Automated Spend Control™ technology to ensure personal budgets are spent appropriately while at the same time providing unobtrusive real time monitoring to immediately identify and report cases where citizens are not receiving the care they had been assessed as needing.

Cybersecurity is an important element of the specification for Funds Management Systems. GLOBAL-365 PLC uses the UK government’s e-Infrastructure investments at the STFC Hartree Centre, Daresbury Laboratory, to operate DPMS, thereby providing a very secure Hybrid Cloud at the core of the system. Any authorised public sector employee can access the service using their web browser so no changes to departmental IT infrastructures are needed.

In addition to receiving detailed financial reports, commissioners can easily use the integrated ‘big data analytics’ capability of DPMS to examine large amounts of different data types to uncover hidden patterns, previously unknown correlations and other useful information that can be used to make better decisions.

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