At GLOBAL-365 PLC we are committed to running an ethical, responsible company in which our core values are reflected at every level throughout our operations. Here are some examples of how we interact with the communities in which we operate:

  • Academic Engagement
GLOBAL-365 PLC believes strongly in the value of engagement between academia and business and places great value on its close working relationship with InfoLab21 at Lancaster University. Facilitating technology transfer is one of our key priorities.
  • Environment
We attempt to be as environmentally friendly as is practicable. This includes:
  • eliminating the use of paper whenever possible
  • video conferencing rather than travelling to meetings whenever possible
  • travelling by train rather than driving whenever possible
  • working from home offices whenever appropriate
  • following a procurement policy that recognises eco-friendliness and sustainability
  • using energy efficient equipment
  • using green venues and hotels
  • Social Responsibility
GLOBAL-365 PLC operates a social responsibility programme to give something back to the communities in which it operates. This works on two levels:


Our programme assists people who find themselves in disputes they feel unable to deal with on their own but do not have the funds available to instruct accountants or solicitors. GLOBAL-365 PLC makes no charge for this assistance, in effect working free or ‘pro bono’.


It assists social enterprises that need business services that fall outside their areas of core competence and for which they would normally have to pay. GLOBAL-365 PLC makes no charge for providing these services.

Please contact a member of our team to find out more about how GLOBAL-365 PLC can bring significant benefits to your organisation and its customers.